Pray for katey

Dear Lord I Just want to thank you.For being my FATHER and my Bestfriend
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God i need my husband, the man I have been praying all my life. Oh God please open those doors for me
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JESUS,am all cried out i need you, i feel like giving up
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Lord only you know me more than i know myself. i pray that you may open all the right doors in my life..please Lord make wednesday be a successful day..oh Lord hear my cry..give me peace, Amen
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Lord I am praying for a husband, i feel its time am ready to take the next step, give me the right man because only you Lord fulfill our heart's desires. Amen
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Lord i need you.
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Bible verse of the day

My mouth is filled with your praise, declaring your splendor all day long.
Oh Lord,nothing is impossible with you. creator of the universe. you are amazing, I believe i will receive a miracle today Amen
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