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In the name of Jesus Christ I pray for financial break through. To have a good job and to be debt free I pray for gates and doors to open for us all in the name of Jesus. Amen. Praise be to Father God in Heaven.
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Dear God, I want to thank you lord for and day. Lord walk through my house take all my worries and heal my family of anything that might come against.Lord most of all please help me with my finances and health. Thank you in Jesus name.
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Pray for me to trust and for strength to get through this storm of my life.
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Dear Lord, please watch over my friend Tyrone he just went through a divorce and he hasn't been himself lately I'm just asking you to watch over him every day and bless him In Jesus' name Amen
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Dear Lord, please help me with my families on our situation you know what we are going through you know our heart us my job and my mother
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I'm going through a very hard time I'm diging my self in a deeper hole 😢
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My mouth is filled with your praise, declaring your splendor all day long.
Thank You Lord for loving us so much....I am asking prayer for God's very clear wisdom in my daily walk with Him, to see all situations & people in my life through His hear & follow the leading of His Holy Spirit in Jesus' Name AMEN
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we have a lorry as a god gift please pray for through that lorry we expect more profits.thank for your prayer.
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Lord help us all to be encouraged through any and all things. Be grateful for the bad as well as the good. And know you have a plan for us. In Jesus mighty name, Amen
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Lord today is anothr day u have given me I ask that u fill my heart with joy and lead me closer to you I just want to be happy Lord I'm in Jesus name I pray Amen pray for everyone no matter what it is there going through
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pray that God increase me in knowledge and might. for more souls to know Him through me
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