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I am askimg for prayer for someone I care very much about. God knows her name. She has so much hurt from family issues. Sbe was sexually abused as a child and has an addiction to drugs and other struggles. My heart is burdened for her.
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Deliverance from Anxiety, Stress and long term Struggles.For God to make the Impossible Possible.I can't do any more I'm worn out.
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Please pray, my brother needs Jesus Christ and love, healing ,comfort and support from personal trauma, He has had so many struggles, disappointments and loss. He needs God and Jesus and the Holy Spirit and Godly friends.Cover him with your love Lord
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First prayer for all those in life struggles. Now for me I need a prayer about finding a better job than the one I just got. Was let down and left a good Job! I know its in Gods hands and will change! I just need his army to pray for me right now
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