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Brother, I am 34 years old not yet married.Please pray for my marriage to take soon.
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Please pray for Sally who is about to get married and doesn't seem to have peace about the union, and just wanted to go ahead because all necessary traditional rights have been done. She wants to be in God's perfect will for her life.
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Praying for my married, for my husband to come home and do the right thing,and stop cheating on his wife
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Under 2 years married and I just need your prayers. It is marriage related and I am active duty and cannot be there to deal with issue like I need to be. I need help. Please pray that God guide us. I'm at a loss
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I need help in praying for the right direction for my married Son and his wife. They have grown apart, meaning when he leaves for work she leaves to go to another mans abode. My son has been beaten by her and does nothing back to her.
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