Pray for holiness for salvation...

Pray for holiness,for salvation of my soul, my husband who stopped going to church,on drugs, for my marriage to stand again. For protection of my kids and my family
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Published on:7/4/2017
Tags:salvation, protection, holiness


Aartisans - 7/5/2017 5:29:33 PM
I pray that God meets your need spiritually, mentally, a
emotionally and physically, in resolving this situation,
and that you and your husband are victorious in overcoming
through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Great full - 7/9/2017 6:33:10 AM
I pray our Heavenly Father grants you all that you desire,I pray Father God guides you spiritually & emotionally in every area of your life and your families life keeping all of you lifted & protected.In Jesus name.Amen


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